Stolen Realm Adds Roguelike Mode

Developer Burst2Flame released a new update to the Steam Early Access version of its turn-based RPG Stolen Realm. The update adds a new Roguelike Mode to the game, which is a fast-paced version that lets players mix and match build elements in a manner not possible in the main game. In the mode, players level up after each battle and select a new skill and item from randomly-selected sets. It also features randomised bosses and events. Each run features permadeath, but will contribute to unlocking new characters and skills for future runs.

Stolen Realm sees players take control of up to six heroes in single-player and online co-op. Players take their heroes on an procedurally-generated adventure in a high fantasy world, seeking to obtain powerful loot in the process. The game’s combat features simultaneous turns, with both sides acting at the same time. Its main campaign features six difficulty levels with a optional hardcode more. Stolen Realm has been on Steam Early Access since October 2021, and is planned to fully release on PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.



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