Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Shows Playable Characters

Square Enix released new details and screenshots for the upcoming action RPG Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai. The update covers the game’s basic combat actions as well as showing the abilities of its playable characters.

Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai is based on the spin-off Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai manga and anime series. Players control one of the playable characters and attack, defend, and dodge enemies while having access to various skills and spells. Up to three regular attacks can be chained together, while skills and spells unleash powerful single hits, and special Coups de Grâce can be used once a dedicated gauge is filled. Each character also has their own unique skill that can change the tide of battle.



The main hero is the eponymous Dai, who is voiced by Sabrina Pitre and focuses on close-range combat. His unique skill is Draconic Aura, which greatly increases all of his stats for a period of time. His special skills are based on Avan-style sword techniques. Popp, voiced by Cole Howard, is a mage who specialises at long-range fighting. His unique skills is Meditation, which shortens the recovery time for his fire and ice magic skills.

Maam is a warrior priest, voiced by Diana Kaarina. She attacks with her hammer spear, but also offers support with her magic bullet gun, which reloads with her unique skill. She can use healing magic as well as the offensive Crackle spell. Finally, Hyunckel is voiced by Vincent Tong and is a dark swordsman. He uses a mixture of Avan-style sword techniques and dark aura skills, while his unique skill massively increases his defence. Maam and Hyunckel will also change their battle styles as the story progresses; Maam becomes a martial artist and able to unleash quick physcial attacks, while Hyunckel changes his weapon to a spear and alters his combat style accordingly.



Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai will release worldwide on September 23, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. The game features a Story Mode that offers a retelling of the manga and anime series up through the Sovereign Rock Castle arc. Meanwhile, the Temple of Recollection is an original dungeon with multiple floors that features different enemies and stage mechanics with each playthrough.



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