More Classic Dungeons & Dragons Titles Released on Steam,

Boutique publisher SNEG has released a group of classic Dungeons & Dragons titles for PC on Steam and The titles now available are DragonStrike, Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace, Fantasy Empires, DeathKeep, and the four-game Silver Box Classics bundle:

  • DragonStrike (Steam / — $5.99 with 15% launch discount)
    Developed by Westwood and originally released for Amiga, C64, DOS in 1990. A first-person action flight combat title set in the Dragonlance setting.
  • Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace (Steam / — $9.99 with 15% launch discount)
    Developed by Cybertech and originally released for DOS in 1992. Set in the Spelljammer campaign setting, players captain their own ship into Realmspace with first-person flight combat and tactical party combat.
  • Fantasy Empires (Steam / — $9.99 with 15% launch discount)
    Developed by Silicon Knights and originally released for DOS in 1993. An RPG wargame where players control the ruler of a fledging kingdom and seek to take over their neighbours with real-time combat and a computer-controlled Dungeon Master.
  • DeathKeep (Steam / — $5.99 with 15% launch discount)
    Developed by Lion Entertainment and originally released for 3DO in 1995. An action RPG where players fight through twenty-five dungeons attempting to take down an escaped evil Necromancer.
  • Silver Box Classics (Steam / — $9.99 with 15% launch discount)
    Includes four titles: Heroes of the Lance (1988), Dragons of the Flame (1989), War of the Lance (1989), and Shadow Sorcerer (1991). The party-based RPGs were developed by U.S. Gold — except for Strategic Simulations’s War of the Lance — and include the first licenced video game adaptations of Dungeons & Dragons. The games adapt the first four modules of the Dragonlance campaign setting.


DragonStrike Screenshots


Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace Screenshots


Fantasy Empires Screenshots


DeathKeep Screenshots


Silver Box Classics Screenshots


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  1. Krull Krull says:

    I had Heroes of the Lance back in the day. I remember it being quite hard but also very short. Those blocky character portraits bring back memories…

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