RPG Cast – Episode 666: “A Beast of a Show”

Chris hugs a bear. Kelley’s kitten almost Leeroy Jenkins into a toilet. Matt knocks everyone out in Octopath. And Jason goes round right round with his turntable.

Question of the Week
What do you want out of the Pokémon Presents?

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3 Responses

  1. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    QotW: I’m hoping that by the time of this being read on the podcast we have a date for the annual Pokemon Home update so I can uploading the new Pokemon into it.

  2. It’s well past the Pokemon Presents accounted, but I got what I wanted: confirmation of DLC that looks more substantive than Sword and Shield’s, and an update to Pokemon Home before said DLC is released.

  3. badicalde badicalde says:

    Chris, does the guy playing MMOs with ancient mechanics really have a leg to stand on in criticizing the guy who likes vinyl…?

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