Interactive Fiction RPG Dimday Red Announced

eNVy softworks and 1SickPuppy have announced interactive fiction RPG Dimday Red. The game is in development for PC alongside a tabletop RPG of the same, with both titles set to undergo a Kickstarter campaign. The launch date for the Kickstarter campaign has not yet been announced, but the game currently has a planned Q3 2023 release window. A demo is also playable on Steam until August 28, 2022, as part of Gamescom.

Dimday Red is set in a world doomed to end in 52 years as Earth approaches the Sun following an event called the Lapse. The world is ruled by corporations and fanatical religions through a caste system, while many of those born after the Lapse have suffer from mutations that also grant them powers.

The game takes place in the city of Neu Bonn, and follows an enforcer named Cillian Bragger. Players are able to choose betwen 42 trait cards to build Cillian’s personality, with players able to work towards seven Deadly Sins and seven Heavenly Virtues. Players can build relationships and make choices while trying to manage their temperature on the burning world, with the outcome of events determined by dice rolls.




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