RPG Cast – Episode 633: “Your Cat Sharts on the Rainbow Bridge”

Kelley is better at Elden Ring than Chris. Anna Marie shows off her deck. And Chris hates sand. Time to go play with the HD-2D you have at home.

Question of the Week
What’s your favorite Pokémon-style indie game?

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5 Responses

  1. fireminer fireminer says:

    My answer to this week question: Just play Digimon.

    No, really. Digimon games are good. It’s a big shame that they aren’t more popular outside of Japan.

    I’ve also heard good things about Nexomon. Maybe I’ll check it out in the future.

    That said, why can’t monster collecting-type of game implement an economic system? Anyone remember that in Story of Seasons, by buying and selling products, you change their prices? I’d love it if Pokemon has something like that, and you can role-play as a Pokemon breeder.

  2. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    Hello 👋
    I don’t know if it’s paranoia or narcissism, but I couldn’t help but feel a little called out as “that one guy who likes Eiyuden Chronicles Rising who hasn’t said anything since.”
    Checking in!
    Didn’t get to play it as much as I would’ve liked, as I was celebrating my anniversary with my wife last week. But Steam says I’m 10 hours in and I’m still enjoying it; in a 6.5/10 kind of way (which I deem “okay, bordering on good”). The evolution of the combat and equipment is progressing as I’d thought/hoped and am happy about it, and the banter between party members gives me the chortles occasionally and endears me to them. The overarching story isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s admittedly a tiny slice with small stakes surrounding this one town in a greater world that’s suppose to be expanded upon in the full game, so I don’t despise it. And the whole “Chore the Game” title… I must play it differently than everyone else, because I rarely have to go farming for materials. I pick up a quest for materials and I usually already have them at hand. The only times I’ve consistently had to go farm items it’s because I wasn’t suppose to have them yet anyway and I have to go get them because it’s a part of the next tutorial for a mechanic the game wants to teach me now and now I also need those materials for upgrades it’s been teasing me with for the past dungeon and a half. I think a lot of the games criticisms from y’all are fair, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying myself.

    • FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

      My apologies for not having any contribution to the QOTW, but Kelley, if you play Elden Ring on PC, I’d be happy to offer the services of my Faith build, greatsword wielding Tarnished if you ever find yourself stuck or struggling.

  3. paulwall217 paulwall217 says:

    I am so close to being done with Rising, and I don’t know if I can finish it. I skip all dialogue and pick up all quests and then just tear through the maps collecting the items before moving on. The rinse and repeat is exhausting. Still pumped for the main game.

  4. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    Best one is of course by the little-know Japanese company Level-5: Yo-Kai Watch! But I mean if you want to expand your horizons a bit, I whole-heartedly recommend both Nexomon games. I’d suggest playing them in order as the first game offers a pleasant GBA-style Pokeclone, but the second is an amazing improvement in all ways from story to dialogue to equippable stuff and so on! Hey, read my reviews of both!

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