Megaton Musashi Gets TGS Footage

Level-5 showed more of upcoming title Megaton Musashi during this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The first half of its 50-minute presentation focused on its anime series, which has just begun airing in Japan, with the second half devoted to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch game, which is due to release in Japan on November 11, 2021.

Megaton Musashi sees players controlling giant mechas fighting against alien invaders. The game is set after 2118, when alien invaders called Dracters gain total control of Earth, mining it out into a torus-like shape. Level-5 revealed four new playable pilots — Momoka Saotome, Kota Akutagawa, Takumi Kindaichi, and Ginta Ibushi — while showing mecha customisation and multiplayer gameplay elements.

Mecha customisation works in a similar manner to Little Battlers eXperience, with players able to attach various parts and upgrade its motherboard for better performance. Players can also apply decals and coatings. Meanwhile, the game includes co-op multiplayer, with special interactions taking place if players select certain pilots.


Source: RPG Site


Megaton Musashi TGS presentation (game-specific section begins at around 37 minutes)


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