RPG Cast – Episode 592: “First World Donut Problems”

It’s a tiny cast with just Chris, Anna Marie, and Kelley. PS5 blood money is being thrown around, while Kelley curses the asthma tax. Chris is simulating his real life job in a game that simulates his job. Anna Marie re-discovers she doesn’t like SMT. And everyone agrees cutscenes need both pause and skip options.

Question of the Week
Is there a company you’re always willing / never willing to pay full price for its games?

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3 Responses

  1. Krull Krull says:

    I suspect my QotW answer will be the same as most people’s: Nintendo is probably the one publisher I will willingly pay full price – because the games always seem to hold their value, and the price rarely drops on physical releases. I’m fact, they’re usually at their cheapest before release, maddeningly. Atlus is another where I will pay full price for a physical copy (and in advance), but I’m happy to wait for a sale for a digital title.

    Don’t think there’s any publisher where I’d refuse to pay full price, as long as I wanted to play that particular game at that particular point in time. But patience is usually rewarded, and there’s little valid reason to buy any game today when you know it will be on sale tomorrow (or eventually).

  2. bobbywatson bobbywatson says:

    QOTW: None.

    I will typically only buy games at full price if I intend to play with friends on day 1, if I really want to play them right away, or if I need to buy it for a present. Otherwise, I will wait for a price drop or a sale. Looking at my spreadsheet, I only paid full price for games three times since the beginning of 2020, and the next one will be Monster Hunter Rise when it comes to PC.

    Question for the crew that has been on my mind for the past few episodes: Do you guys keep track of your purchases? Do you have an estimate of how much money you spend on games each year?

  3. As far as developers go, it’s really only Atlus games where I’m willing to pay full price for a physical copy. Otherwise, it’s more based on the series than any particular company, especially if it’s for a niche title that I want to support.

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