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  1. Krull Krull says:

    Great! Another Q&A cast! And welcome back to Matt, too – someone else who has played through DQVIII on mobile… which leads me to this question:

    Do you ever find yourselves procrastinating on finishing a game? Hunting out side quests or grinding out levels or jobs simply to avoid having to finish the campaign because you’re not quite ready for it to end? Off the top of my head, I’ve done this on Dragon Quest VIII and Xenoblade 2… What games, if any, have had this effect on you?

  2. Liamland Liamland says:

    Another glorious podcast about Dragon Quest Ballet, the Star Wars Holiday Special of the DQ universe. Platty, who is this Slime Time cohost you speak of? He seems a fine gentleman of exquisite taste.

  3. Budai Budai says:

    Do you suspect the final fantasy 7 set of games will be like ff13 where each felt unique, or do you think the whole set of games will feel more similar?

  4. Krull Krull says:

    What’s the oldest game – not counting remasters, remakes or continuous service games – you’ve played in the past year? Were there any old games or series you were coming to for the first time?

  5. Reposting this from the previous episode since I probably posted this too late:

    There’s a certain game that hasn’t left my mind since July of last year (it’s clearly time for a replay, but a tiny part of me hopes, perhaps in vain, that Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will be ported to the Switch), so I’ll ask a related question without naming it directly: is there a direct sequel to a game that you love, even though it’s considered the inferior game? Maybe you don’t necessarily like this sequel more than the original, but you still really enjoy it?

    I know I asked a similar question before, but I may as well ask again, heh.

  6. Well, it seems you did get to my previous question, heh. I’ve got another one, more so for Gaijin.

    The 109 department store in Shibuya shows up a lot in RPGs set in Tokyo, yet I almost never see it with those exact numbers. It’s 104 in The World Ends with You, 108 in Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and 901 in Devil Survivor 2, for a few specific examples. I’ve seen 106, 110, and even 10Q in other games and anime. These alternate numbers are so ubiquitous that I sometimes have to remind myself that the actual number is 109.

    Is there some reason the number is usually changed, like for copyright or trademark? Is it just a running gag that developers and animators find funny? A bit of both?

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