New Pokémon, Rivals Introduced for Pokémon Sword and Shield

The Pokémon Company has released new details and media for Pokémon Sword and Shield, the newest generation of Pokémon titles. Introduced in the latest update are some new Pokémon, including some region-specific forms of existing Pokémon, as well as new rival trainers and the Poké Jobs system.

The first new Pokémon form revealed is the Galarian Weezing. The local variant of the Pokémon is a Poison/Fairy-type, which consumes polluted air or poisonous gases and emits purified air from the chimneys on top of its heads. Also shown are Galarian variants of the Raccoon Pokémon Zigzagoon as well as its evolution Linoone, both of which are Dark/Normal-types. There is also a new Galarian-specific evolution for Linoone called Obstagoon.



The Pokémon Company also revealed a form-changing Pokémon called Morpeko. The Electric/Dark-type Two-Sided Pokémon constantly generates electricity, but this causes it to always be hungry. When it goes hungry for long enough, Morpeko’s hormone balance changes, causing the Electric-type energy it has stored to switch to Dark-type. Morpeko has the ability Hunger Switch, which changes its appearance each turn, while its signature move Aura Wheel changes type based on Morpeko’s current form.

Also introduced were two rival trainers players will encounter throughout Pokémon Sword and Shield. Bede is both skilled and prideful, and was endorsed for the Gym Challenge by the Galar Pokémon League’s Chairman Rose. Meanwhile, Marnie is a competitive trainer who has Morpeko as her partner Pokémon, and has garnered fans with her cool, calculated strategies in battle. Many of these fans appear in the form of Team Yell, a group that goes out of its way to cause trouble and hinder those challenging Marnie, preventing access to certain areas or distracting them in battle.



Finally, the Galar region is known for people and Pokémon working together and this is showcased through the Poké Jobs system. Players can check the Rotomi in Pokémon Centers to find available jobs, which can be undertaken by Pokémon stored in a Box. Certain Pokémon types are better suited for certain jobs, and Pokémon that undertake jobs will get experience as a reward, with players potentially getting rare items as well.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will be released simultaneously worldwide for Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. A physical double-pack containing both games and a SteelBook is available to pre-order. Those who pre-order the SteelBook double-pack will receive a code for each game that lets them fight and capture Dynamax Larvitar and Dynamax Jangmo-o in special Max Raid Battles before they are normally encountered.




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