Eldest Souls Trailer Takes the Battle to the Old Gods

United Label Games and Fallen Flag Studio have released a trailer for their pixel-art Souls-like title, Eldest Souls. Long ago, humanity imprisoned the Old Gods and has since prospered, building thriving civilizations on the ruined temples of old. To exact revenge, the Old Gods unleashed a terrible plague to devastate the world of man. Players take on the role of the sole surviving warrior of the Great Crusade that was sent to the great Citadel to slay the Old Gods once and for all.

Eldest Souls is an isometric pixel-art game that borrows heavily from the Souls series for its gameplay. Exploring the Citadel will reveal NPCs to interact with, quests to complete, and challenging encounters with the Old Gods to survive. No information regarding release platforms or dates has been made available yet. For more information on the game, readers can check out Fallen Flag Studio’s website.



Pascal Tekaia

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