Dragon Star Varnir Website Update Details Elixirs, Gifts, Insanity

Idea Factory International has updated the official website for Compile Heart’s Dragon Star Varnir, providing more details and images from the game. In addition to information on elixirs, gifts, and the insanity system, the update also introduces three more characters.

Elixirs can be crafted in the Witches’ Workshop using parts dropped by enemies. This creates a special item that summons a special dragon based on the ingredients used, which drops unique loot when defeated. Meanwhile, players can visit each Witch’s Room and offer gifts gathered from dungeons or shops. Gifts can raise affinity based on the witch’s personal tastes, and raising a witch’s affinity past a certain level will unlock a special event. Finally, the party has an insanity meter, which can change based on events in the game and decisions that players make. The insanity meter can play a part in determining what ending players receive.



The three new characters detailed are Durandol, Jaiga, and Darne. Durandol is the ace of a group of dragon hunters called the Ravens, who simply enjoys killing dragons and fighting. Jaiga is another member who aims to get in favour with Durandol and the Ravens’ leader Ruby Eye, but does so solely for his own benefit. Finally, Darne is a merchant who trades goods and information for drops from dragons; he considers the witches valuable clients and keeps information about them secret.

Released in Japan in 2018 under the title Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon, Dragon Star Varnir stars Zephy, a knight who becomes lost in a remote forest. He is rescued by a witch, but in the process drinks the blood of a dragon that attacked him, causing a special power to awaken. The game will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in North America on June 11, 2019, with the European release following on June 14, 2019.



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