RPGCast – Episode 498: “Bi-Kirby-ous”

A party of four puts on our thinking hats, contemplating games we haven’t played – and which we should tackle in a packed April. Surprise announcements and an interesting debate on old looking games versus classic feeling games. Yup, that’s the RPGCast!

Question of the Week
Are you getting any of April’s releases?

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  1. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    I’ll be definitely getting: Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, Final Fantasy X assuming it’s sold separately to save room in my Switch fridge, FFXII, SteamWorld Quest, Mechstermination Force (technically off topic, but a new shooter from the Gunman Clive developer), and Boxboy+Boxgirl. Will wait for a sale on the Phoenix Wright trilogy and kind of intrigued by Our World Is Ended (VN) but it’s coming out in the middle of the RPG malestrom.

  2. LordGolbez LordGolbez says:

    I don’t see anything among April releases that interests me. Nothing I don’t already have on another console anyway. Already have the FFX remaster. Already have the Phoenix Wright trilogy. I didn’t even see anything to suggest this release has any new content. Those games aren’t highly replayable to begin with, but if I wanted to I would just replay on the DS. Without new content, there’s no reason to get it.

  3. Gameresq Gameresq says:

    I may give Dragon’s Dogma another go. Tried it when it first released, but it is one of those titles that lends itself to portable gaming. The only other game I plan to pick-up is the Trine trilogy (GameStop exclusive). I have wanted to try those platformers for awhile and the Switch seems to be an ideal console.

  4. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    Whenever y’all talk about FFXIV it makes me sad when I realize I’ll never get to play with any of you (being on the Aether Data center, Adamantoise server with too many friends and a FC to worry about to justify moving, and if I remember correctly y’all are on Primal/Leviathan?) ^^; But still glad to hear other people out there enjoying it as much as I do.
    As a kitty Dragoon main, I’ll keep tanking the floor of my server with all my might.

    QOTW: I think the only new release I’ll be getting is the Shovel Knight: Showdown (and isn’t King of Cards DLC suppose to come out this month?). Other than that, it’s a trio of ports. My third, but now portable, copies of Final Fantasy X/X-2, Final Fantasy XII, and Dragon’s Dogma. I spend too much time and money on ports/remakes/remasters than I do new games these days XD

  5. Victar Victar says:

    Does buying Joker as DLC for Smash Ultimate count? Because that’s the only brand new video game content on my wallet’s radar for April.

    I’ve already bought Final Fantasy X/X-2 twice (first as two PS2 games, later as the two-games-in-one HD remaster for PS3), so instead of buying it a third time on the Switch – or on the PS4, for that matter – I’m finally playing my PS3 copy of it. Better 17 years late than never.

    $50 seems like a shockingly high price for FFX/X-2 on Switch and Xbox One, especially the Switch, since the Switch version is a physical cart and digital code combo according to Amazon (the cart is X, the code is for X-2). Meanwhile, FFX/X-2 is only $20 on the PS3 and PS4, plus you get both games on a physical disc. I feel like the Switch/Xbox One versions should have been $30 at most.

  6. Krull Krull says:

    QotW: I’m waiting with bated breath for the Persona 5S announcement on April 25 – if that turns out to be Persona 5 on Switch, then I’ll be first in line. Other than that, I’ll be keeping an eye on FFXII Zodiac Age and SteamWorld Quest on Switch, but I’m really just keeping my options open.

    Have fun on your cruise, Chris and Anna!

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