RPGCast – Episode 470: “Into The Turret!”

Armadillos that look like hedgehogs. Chocobos that cheat. Monsters that invade. And squirrels that ride cat skeletons. It’s a really weird week. It also seems no one can agree on the best Tales game.

Question of the Week
Do you have a favorite Doctor Who doctor? Whom?

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  1. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    For those on the RPGCast crew playing Octopath Traveler, try playing the Ophillia Ch 1 drinking game. Take a shot every time a character says Lianna’s name and see if you come out alive. (Spoilers, it’s said 41 times. Yes, I counted).
    Or, you could go for the less extreme version where you take a shot every time “Your Excellency” is said.
    … 26 times.

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