RPGCast – Episode 471: “Your French Is As Good As Your Common Core Math”

Shenmue III is still accepting backers. Fallout 76 is still something we don’t understand. And Utawarerumono is still unpronounceable.

Question of the Week

What class are you going to play in the new WoW expansion or what class do you usually pick in class-based games?

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  1. Budai Budai says:

    I usually pick a healer. Because I don’t like having to wait for a group, but I prefer to be ranged.

  2. I like fast, agile classes that dodge blows easily and hit multiple times with weapons. My favorite class in any RPG is the HUnewearl from Phantasy Star Online, which is this as well as being the best magic-users that aren’t Forces (mages).

  3. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    I haven’t played WoW since Burning Crusade, but if I ever did go back to it it’d either be Druid or Shaman.

    As to what kind of classes I’m drawn to, its usually the “Jack-of-all trades, master of none” types. I’m obsessed with FFXIV and they didn’t really have a class like that when I started. There was the Arcanist, but I’m not a fan of pet classes. Ever since they introduced the Red Mage I’ve been dying to switch my main (from Dragoon, which I still love), but with my YouTube and Twitch channels stealing all my free time I don’t have the time I use to to level and gear multiple classes anymore. But if they ever release Blue Mage in FFXIV I’ll find/make the time, lemme tell you 😀

  4. Victar Victar says:

    I prefer the role of melee damage dealer, because it tends to be faster-paced than ranged/caster damage dealers and doesn’t carry the responsibilities of the tank role or the healer role.

    My main character in the next WoW expansion will probably remain my Frost Death Knight, although there is an outside chance I’ll switch to my Retribution Paladin or something else depending on class balance, or the needs of my guild.

    I’d like to remind all WoW players reading this that the pre-BfA War of the Thorns events includes an Alliance mount and a Horde mount that can be earned for a limited time only. Doing the War of the Thorns quests on one level 110 character will earn both of them account-wide, although they can only be used by a character of the appropriate faction.

    When Battle for Azeroth launches in mid-August, these mounts will very likely become permanently unobtainable. If you’ve unsubscribred until the expansion arrives, you might want to consider re-subscribing a few days early.

  5. lolwhoops lolwhoops says:

    Shaman is my main in WoW, but I also really like Warrior. Have a hunter and mage i’m using too. I usually like using tanks in MMORPGs but when I came back to WoW it seemed like everyone wants to tank now so I just stick to my usual DPS. I was a Dwarf shaman in Legion. I’m gonna have a Mag’har warrior and probably a dark iron dwarf something because they look sweet.

  6. badicalde badicalde says:

    Ever since being introduced to RPGs with Final Fantasy IV, I’ve loved Dragoon. It’s one of the classes unique to FF, they always seem to have some good lore, and Jump always looks cool. There was a lack of them for a while (unless you count the Dragoon Boots, Freya or Kimahri, which I don’t :P) which is one of the reasons I was drawn into FF14. Even FFT kinda bummed me out when the translation labeled them “Lancers” lol

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