Disgaea 1 Complete E3 Impression

I was pretty excited when NIS America announced Disgaea 1 Complete. As someone who hasn’t played the original game since the first release on PlayStation 2, I have been looking forward to revisiting the original cast in portable form.

Just as in the original game, Laharl wakes up from what he thought was simply a brief nap to discover his father has passed away…two years ago! And boy, has the Netherworld gone to hell without a strong Overlord to lead it. The only answer is for Laharl, the one true heir to the title, to become the new leader of the Netherworld. But maybe that’s not as easy as it sounds?


Combat in Disgaea is separated into an ally turn, and then the enemy’s turn. During your turn, you can deploy units from your home tile, move them, attack enemy units within range, pick up and throw allies — but please don’t throw the Prinnies, they kind of explode. As the game proceeds, you can also perform more complex tasks, like changing the elements of battlefields, diving into items, and diving into the politics of the Underworld.

Long story short, Disgaea 1 Complete feels like Disgaea on the go and it’s great. I’m very excited to be playing this on my Switch starting October 9. Oh, I suppose it will also be available on the PlayStation 4 on the same day.


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