Bandai Namco Unleashes New Tide of Record of Grancrest War Info, Images

Bandai Namco has released lots of details and screenshots for its upcoming strategy RPG Record of Grancrest War, based on the visual novel and anime series of the same name. The new information covers many facets of the game, including its setting and quest system, events, more characters, and army recruitment and growth.

Record of Grancrest War is set on the medieval-esque fantasy continent of Atlatan. A series of disasters, known as the Chaos disasters, has seen dangerous monsters appearing throughout the lands, causing even further damage than the regular squabbles between ruling lords. Players take on the the role of Theo and fight to defeat the monsters. In addition, Theo has the goal of liberating his hometown of Sistina from the tyrannical Rossini family. Bandai Namco has promised that renowned scenes from the original series will appear in the video game adaptation, as well as many new scenes created just for the game.



Various new disasters will break out at strongholds under the player’s control. Such incidents will be labelled as quests, with players given tasks such as defeating a monster that has appeared. By completing these tasks, players will receive rewards such as gold based on the rank they achieve while completing them. Gold can then be used to purchase new equipment, hire additional soldiers, etc. These battles will often be large in scale, with Bandai Namco comparing the scale to that of MMORPGs.

Meanwhile, the Rossini family has multiple members appearing in the game, with Bandai Namco the detailing three sons of the current family head. The first introduced is the youngest son, Salvador, who seeks pleasure but is prone to attacking those he dislikes with knives. Meanwhile the first son, Dorni, is known for being ruthless and referred to as the “wild animal” of the family. Finally, the middle son Juzel is unlike his brothers, always being calm and rational and ignoring all emotions in his decision making.



Players are able to strengthen and recruit new forces at strongholds. Forces are made up of units, each unit containing up to five members, and the types of members available depend on the leader of each unit. Players can choose to make specialised units. For example, using a force with some units made up entirely of shield soldiers and other units made up of just mages can enable a strategy where the mages unleash powerful attacks while the soldiers prevent any front-line enemy forces from reaching them.

The video game will feature plenty of original characters to recruit, with over 450 available in total including those from the parent series, who will randomly join up throughout the game. Players can upgrade their friendship levels with all the characters in the game, which will unlock more information on their character profiles, as well as unlock new skills.

Record of Grancest War is set to be released in Japan on PlayStation 4 on June 14, 2018. No announcement has been made regarding a potential western release for the adaptation of the visual novel (and anime) series written by Record of Lodoss War author Ryo Mizuno.



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