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Eithéa Import Review

There was once a wonderful time, long ago, when a console had so many RPG titles that one couldn’t keep track of them all. So many games both good and bad fell through the cracks. So which one is this?

Chrono Cross Retroview

Ten years ago, Chrono Cross was hailed as one of the finest RPGs on the PlayStation. To see if time has been kind to that consensus, just read this review.

Final Fantasy VII PSX Retroview

In 1997, the movie theaters of the world were gripped once again by the Star Wars trilogy being re-released, Seinfeld entered its final season, the Spice Girls had numerous hits, and the RPG world was gripped by a certain unstoppable dynamo of a game. How well the other items in the entertainment field have aged is a matter of opinion, just as Final Fantasy VII’s effect may not have lessened with the passage of time — to some.

Final Fantasy Origins Review

This compilation Playstation game features remakes of both Final Fantasy I & II, as well as a host of new features.