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Warsaw Review

The 1944 Warsaw Uprising is the subject of developer Pixelated Milk’s latest title. Though noteworthy for making the event more widely known, the game itself doesn’t do as much as it perhaps could have.

Warsaw Out Now on PC

World War II tactical RPG Warsaw is out on PC today on the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising it depicts. A launch trailer gives a quick insight into the minds of those fighting against the occupying Nazis.

Warsaw Now Set for October Release

World War II tactical RPG Warsaw has a new release date. The date has some historical significance, coinciding with the final day of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising that the game is set during.

Warsaw Releasing for PC in September

Gaming Company and Pixelated Milk’s World War II Warsaw has a PC release date. The game will be coming to Steam in September, with PlayStation 4 and Switch versions to follow.

World War II RPG Warsaw Announced

Regalia developer Pixelated Milk’s newest title is an RPG set during World War II. Warsaw takes place during Poland’s 1944 uprising against the Nazis and planned for release on PC and console this summer.