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Citizens Unite! Earth x Space Review

Fun character designs and competent combat may be enough for a satisfactory single experience. However, doubling that up without any substantial bells and whistles makes the whole thing less appealing.

Citizens of Space Review

Citizens of Space brings quite a bit to the table, offering players an impressive variety of systems with which to engage, and turn-based combat with many unique ideas and a myriad of options. It takes risks in opting for a humor-driven story rather than a more traditional one, but do these risks pay off?

Citizens of Space Arrives on PC, Consoles

The new ambassador to the Galactic Federation of Planets has started in his role. However, there is minor issue that the planet he’s representing has gone missing, and he’s going to need to find it if he wants to stay in the cushy position.

Citizens of Earth Review

With trouble “brewing” at the local coffee shop, the Vice President of Earth is ready to roll up his sleeves and save the planet, and he’s doing it all for you: the voter.