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Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Retroview

It’s not easy being a technological leader, and augmenting the human body through new metal parts causes lots of people to get angry. In this case though, bringing down the people who get angry with those new metal parts is highly encouraged. Move to Detroit – it’ll get better.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Xbox 360 Review

We may have asked for better boss fights, but its doubtful anyone wanted tablet gimmicks or an English language audio commentary recorded by French Canadians. RPGamers can’t win them all, even by the year 2027. Put on your trench coat and find a conspiracy…again.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Xbox 360 Review

In a crazy world where corporations have their own militaries and people are running around with arms and legs that can blast an area with explosive projectiles, at least we can rest assured that there is no spoon.