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Born of Bread Review

WildArts Studio presents a witty and charming RPG full of character and creativity. But does the game rise to the challenge of is it merely half-baked?

Born of Bread Getting Physical Release

After releasing digitally this week, Born of Bread is now baking up a physical release. Pix’n Love Games will release physical editions on PS5 and Switch early next year.

Born of Bread Gets Console Demo

A console demo is now available for Dear Villagers and WildArts Studio’s Born of Bread. The demo is available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S internationally, as well as on Switch in Europe.

Born of Bread Set for Summer

Dear Villagers and WildArts Studio have unveiled Born of Bread. The 2.5D party-based adventure RPG follows a flour golem and is set to launch in summer.