Project O.R.C.S. Announced

Developer Lightforge Games announced the development of a game codenamed Project O.R.C.S.. The upcoming RPG will launch in Early Access in 2024 on PC. O.R.C.S. stands for Online Roleplaying with Collaborative Storytelling. The game will provide a cooperative multiplayer experience that encourages players to both create and play through fantastical adventures, either from scratch, player-made, or with studio-curated content that will be available at launch. Thanks to a built-in editor, it is possible to design the landscape, buildings, enemies, and friendly NPCs within the scenes that players role play in.

Lightforge Games is an all-remote company formed in 2020. The company is made up of veterans from major studios including Epic Games and Activision Blizzard. Project O.R.C.S. is the first game developed by Lightforge Games. The company CEO Matt Schembari, who worked for Epic Games and has over 20 years of experience, stated the game “aims to give new and old RPG fans a way to create their own stories on an interactive canvas”.




Mohamed Lamine Coulibaly

Fascinated by the screens since I saw them, video games are a sorcery I quickly become obsessed with. This passion culminated with the discovery of the RPG. At the time, they were likely the sole titles where story and world building mattered as more as gameplay. Now, I am, writing about them, especially my favorite ones, the JRPG!

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