Exodus Introduces Elise Charroux

Developer Archetype Entertainment revealed information about character Elise Charroux from the upcoming action RPG Exodus. The woman is a mercenary that used to be a gang leader. Highly experienced with weapons, she fights alongside the protagonist. While confronting enemies, Elise always brings her heavily armed, armored mechsuit.

Exodus is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, with a release window not yet announced. The game takes place in a universe where humanity has fled the dying Earth and is looking for a new home while fighting for survival. Players control the Traveler, whose job is to steal alien weapons and technology from the Celestials, humanity’s powerful foe. However, the impact of these interstellar missions are not straightforward thanks to time dilation, meaning that a days-long mission for players can see decades pass back home.


Mohamed Lamine Coulibaly

Fascinated by the screens since I saw them, video games are a sorcery I quickly become obsessed with. This passion culminated with the discovery of the RPGs. At that time, they were likely the sole titles where story and world building mattered as much as gameplay. Now, I am writing about them, especially my favorite ones: the JRPGs!

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