Sea of Stars Physical Pre-Orders Open

Specialist publisher iam8bitand developer Sabotage Studio announced that pre-order for physical editions of turn-based RPG Sea of Stars have begun. The retail edition is available for $39.99 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, while the iam8bit Exclusive Edition is available on the same platforms for $49.99.

The retail edition includes a double-sided poster with art from illustrator Bryce Kho, while pre-orders will receive a digital download of the game soundtrack (including all 200 tracks from Day & Night cycles, acoustic pirate band covers and over 10 tracks from guest composer Yasunori Mitsuda). The iam8bit Exclusive Edition includes a retro-inspired game manual, collectible slipcase, collectible poster featuring original art and oversized game map, a digital download of the game soundtrack, and sixteen character stickers. Shipping for the retail edition will begin on May 10, 2024, with the iam8bit Exclusive Edition to follow in Q2 2024.



Sea of Stars released digitally for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch in August 2023. The game follows two Children of the Solstice: the Lunar Monk Valere and the Solar Blade Dancer Zale as they combine their powers to fight the evil creations of the alchemist known as the Fleshmancer. It features turn-based combat and a freely traversible world letting players swim, climb, vault, and more. Those looking to read more about Sea of Stars can check out Jon Jansen’s review of its PlayStation 5 version.



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