Final Fantasy XVI DLC Revealed, First Out Now

Square Enix officially announced its two planned DLC for Final Fantasy XVI. The first of those — Echoes of the Fallen — is available now for $9.99, or included as part of the $24.99 Expansion Pass along with the second DLC — The Rising Tide — which launches in spring 2024.

Echoes of the Fallen unlocks a new story plus new battles, weapons, accessories, an expanded level cap, and more. The new story begins prior to the main game’s final battle and sees Clive and his allies investigating suspicious traders, leading them to a long-abandoned tower constructed by the Fallen called the Sagespire. The Rising Tide will also include a new story, challenges, and more. It will focus around one of the major questions involving the Eikons that is left unanswered in the main game.

The latest mainline entry in the long-running series, Final Fantasy XVI is more heavily action-focused and released for PlayStation 5 in June 2023, with a PC version currently in development. It is set in the high fantasy land of Valisthea, which is dotted with Mothercrystals, towering structures that spread aether. People have built up around the crystals, using the aether for magic and to help them live in comfort. Valisthea is home to incredibly powerful beings called Eikons, Final Fantasy XVI’s variant on the series’s summons, with protagonist Clive Rosfield becoming involved with the dark Eikon Ifrit. Those looking to read more about Final Fantasy XVI can check out Luis Mauricio’s review of the game.


(Trailer and screenshots contain significant spoilers for Final Fantasy XVI)



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