Extremely Powerful Capybaras PAX West Impression

Editor’s Note — The posting of this impression was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. The demo build was initially played at PAX West in September 2023.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras is a survival roguelite with bullet hell elements from PM Studios and Studio Bravarda. The game starts in a serene pond with a few capybaras, and once players pick a class and core ability they can jump out. This core ability cannot be changed once it is picked. The game can be played as four player co-op or solo with your horde of capybaras.

In the demo, I chose Mage, with the other choices on offer being Bard, Shaman and Rogue. We picked weapons to help with defence or offence, and then the battle began. While the capybaras auto attack, players still need move, dash, and use their perks. Not only do players need to defeat the hordes of monsters, they also need to collect the pearls scattered around for leveling up. There are also watermelons that appear to help heal you so you can fight longer.

There are a lot of upgrades and abilities you can get to outfit your capybara, and for me it’s a lot of fun get out your stresses of the day. Extremely Powerful Capybaras launched this week for PC via Steam.



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