Arknights: Endfield Trailer Introduces Talos-II

Developer Hypergryph released a new concept trailer for Arknights: Endfield. The Talos-II: Awakening trailer offers an introduction to the game’s setting of the alien world of Talos-II, as well as the protagonist’s role and history as the mysterious “Endministrator”, who has been called upon to assist in pivotal moments of its past.

Arknights: Endfield is based on the popular Arknights mobile RPG/tower defence game. It will tell a separate story to the main Arknights game. Players are tasked with surveying the unexplored wildlands outside of the colonies that are home to dangers and secrets, undertaking missions with real-time combat using a party made up of operators from the Protocol Field Recovery Department. The game is being developed for PC, iOS, and Android though no release window has been announced.



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