Action RPG Dungeons of Hinterberg Announced

Publisher Curve Games and developer Microbird announced Dungeons of Hinterberg, a single-player action RPG with social sim elements. The game is set around the small Austrian village of Hinterberg, which is a popular tourist destination thanks to its scenery, crisp air, and magical dungeons.

Adventurers from all around come to Hinterberg to face off against the dungeons’ Alpine monsters, find loot, and complete the Dungeon Challenge, while hanging out at the bar between runs. By building relationships with locals and fellow adventurers, players can obtain key items that will help them get through dungeons.

Dungeons of Hinterberg will feature 25 dungeons — each focusing on combat, puzzles, or boss fights — across four distinct locations, as well as over twenty enemy types, over ten hangout spots, and over twenty NPCs to get to know. The game is currently announced for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and is planned to release in 2024.




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