Pokémon Scarlet, Violet Head on a Treasure Hunt

As part of a new Pokémon Presents video, The Pokémon Company revealed more details for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the newest generation of games in the Pokémon series. The update provides further details on the new region of Paldea and details new features and Pokémon appearing in the game.

The games see players attending an academy in the region’s largest city, Mesagoza. The academy’s name and emblem is dependent on which version is being played. Scarlet has the Naranja Academy, while Violet has the Uva Academy. Clavell is the academy’s director and sends the students on an independent study “Treasure Hunt”. Other characters in the academy include player’s homeroom teacher Jacq, classmate and keen battler Nemona, shy classmate Penny, and upperclassman and talent cook Arven. The company also revealed Glaseado’s Ice-Type Gym Leader Grusha.



Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are said to have three main storylines. The first of these is the traditional Gym Leader and Pokémon League cycle, where players attempt to defeat eight Gym Leaders from towns around the region. Scarlet and Violet will purportedly let players tackle these gyms in whatever order they wish. No further details have been provided about the other two storylines.

In order to get around Paldea, players are able to call upon and ride the Legendary Pokémon Koraidon (Scarlet) or Miraidon (Violet). This Pokémon will change forms, letting players move quickly across land, water, or air. Up to four players will be able to join together in online co-op using Union Circles and explore the region together.



Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will introduce a new element to Pokémon battles, Terastallization. Unique to Paldea, this phenomenon causes a Tera Jewel to appear on a Pokémon’s head and its body to take on a gem-like appearance. All Paldean Pokémon can Terastallize, and each Pokémon has its own Tera Type. Terastallization boosts the power of moves associated with its Tera Type and will change the Pokémon’s Type to that of its Tera Type if the Tera Type is different to its regular Type. Players can Terastallize a Pokémon once per battle using a Tera Orb, which needs to be recharged by touching crystals or at a Pokémon Center. The games will include multiplayer co-op Tera Raid Battles, where players can find rarer Tera Type examples of Pokémon.

Finally, The Pokémon Company introduced some more new Pokémon in Paldea. Fidough is a Fairy-Type puppy Pokémon with smooth skin. They puff their bodies to intimidate opponents and can fermet nearby things using yeast in their breath. Paldean Wooper is a Poison/Ground-Type variant of Wooper, whose changes are due to adapting to live on land. Cetitan is a muscular Ice-Type Pokémon that lives in snowy regions and are also protected by a layer of fat.



Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. They will be available physically and digitally, including in a physical bundle containing both games, with European copies for the dual pack including a SteelBook case. Those who purchase one of the games before February 28, 2023, will be able to receive a special in-game Pikachu that knows the move Fly and has the Flying Tera Type. Those who purchase one of the games digitally by February 28, 2023, will also be able to receive an in-game Adventure Set containing numerous items.





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