All Hail Temos Heading to Steam Early Access in Fall

Solo developer Geoffrey Howland announced that first-person action RPG All Hail Temos will be released on Steam Early Access in fall 2022. The Early Access release will be preceded by a free prologue demo in early September 2022. The game is expected to spend a few months in Early Access; the initial version will include the full world map, with more NPCs, quests, and other content to be added through the Early Access process.

All Hail Temos is inspired by titles like the Elder Scrolls series. Rather than a single main quest, the game will feature multiple quest chains leading to multiple potential endings. Players can impact the world and NPCs through the quests they take on, with NPCs and creatures having their own daily behaviour cycles. The game includes light trading and resource systems, as well as dynamic weather and day/night cycles.




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