Salt and Sacrifice Gets Multiplayer Overview

A new video has been released to detail the inclusion of multiplayer in Ska Studios and Devoured Studios’ upcoming action RPG Salt and Sacrifice. Narrated by Ska Studios’ James Silva, the video details the process by which a player character can consume an item called a Guiltless Shard to disable the Spellmark, the magic that binds them to their own world.

By joining one of several dedicated multiplayer factions, players can interact in others’ games in a variety of ways. The Shroud Alliance aims to invade a host’s game to engage in PvP combat, while Blueheart Runners are a PvE guild that invades in order to hunt down an enemy known as the Haze Burnt. To even the odds, guilds like the Oathbound Watchers and Sheriff Inquisitors exist to aid those whose realms have been invaded. A password system also makes it possible to play the game in co-op mode without ever opening oneself up to multiplayer invasions.

Salt and Sacrifice is a follow-up to 2016 title Salt and Sanctuary. The game takes place in the Altarstone Kingdom, where criminals can either opt for execution or live in service as Marked Inquisitors tasked with hunting down Mages. Players choose the crime, appearance, and class of their Marked Inquisitor before conducting the rite that puts them into the Spellmarked state between life and death. Salt and Sacrifice is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, and is expected to launch in Q1 2022.



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