More Tales of Arise Info, Media Released

Bandai Namco provided some additional details and media for the upcoming Tales of Arise. Firstly, a short Japanese video and screenshots show off the Mystic Arts for the four currently known party members, as well as a few event scenes.

The company also provided some additional story details, namely the history of twin planets Rena and Dahna. 300 years prior to the game, forces from Rena suddenly attacked Dahna, with its soldiers controlling monsters during the invasion. Since its colonisation of Dahna, Rena has separated the planet’s regions with walls and installed a Renan leader in each as it enslaves the inhabitants and plunders the natural resources.

A number of resistance groups have formed, with one being led by a newly revealed character. Zilva is the leader of Calagria’s Crimson Crow resistance group and agrees to support protagonists Alphen and Shionne in their attempt to defeat Calagria’s Renan overlord Viezo.

Tales of Arise is the newest entry in the long-running Tales series. The game will be released in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on September 10, 2021. A worldwide PC release will happen that same day, with the Japanese console release to come a day earlier on September 9, 2021.




Source: RPG Site


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