Baldur’s Gate III Nature’s Power Update Adds Druids

Larian Studios held its Panel from Hell 2 presentation for Baldur’s Gate III. During the event, it detailed the upcoming fourth major update to the game’s Early Access version, dubbed “Nature’s Power”. The update has not been dated yet but its main addition is the new Druid class, which is able to shape-shift to get the most out of the current situation.

The Druid class will come with eight shapes: Deep Rothé, Cat, Raven, Dire Wolf, Badger, Spider, Polar Bear, and Aberrant. Adjustments to the event scenes, dialogue, and voice over have been made to reflect when the player character is a Druid. There are two Circles available for Druid characters. Circle of the Land Druids are more based toward spellcasting with the powers connected to their current environment, while Circle of the Moon Druids focus more on transformation into other shapes.

Nature’s Power will also add in optional loaded dice mechanics. These are aimed at smoothing the extreme disparity in the game’s dice rolls, with separate parts for dialogue and combat rolls, though damage rolls are not affected. It will also include alterations to multiplayer, with players able to see others’ equipment, spells, stats etc., as well as improved cinematics and animations plus a number of quality-of-life improvements. Finally, Larian Studios announced it has expanded, with new studios in Guildford and Kuala Lumpur joining the existing studios in Ghent, Dublin, Quebec, and Saint Petersburg.

Baldur’s Gate III is based on the latest fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. Its story sees the player character and some others captured and forced to host a Mindflayer tadpole before the airship they are on crashes. In addition to the player character creation options, there are five origin stories in the Early Access version, which offer pre-generated characters in a similar manner to Divinity: Original Sin II. For now, these origin characters cannot be selected to play as but are available as recruitable party members. The Early Access version is currently available on PC, Mac, and Google Stadia and includes access to the game’s first act.





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