Yakuza: Like a Dragon Jobs Shown

Sega has provided some more details on Yakuza: Like a Dragon, detailing four of the classes, or jobs, that will be available in the game as it introduces a turn-based combat system to the series. Players can change jobs of party members at Hello Work. Each job has its own rank, which goes up as players use the job, giving characters access to new abilities and increasing attributes. Attribute gains from job ranks are carried over to other jobs. Jobs can be unlocked by increasing special attributes in the game through quests and mini-games.

The first job detailed is Dancer, which is useful for dealing damage, particularly against groups of enemies. The second is Fortuneteller, which is effectively the equivalent of a Mage class. Fortunetellers fight with a crystal ball and can create effects like thunder and can cause status effects, but have low defence. The third job is the Riot Officer, which acts like a tank class. Unsurprisingly, with its body armour and shield, the Riot Officer has high power and defence. The final job, Idol, is only available to female characters. It acts as a strong all-round support class, able to deal direct damage and use song-based attacking and healing abilities.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the newest title in the series and is known as Yakuza 7 in Japan. The game stars a new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, and features the new area of Isezaki Ijincho in the city of Yokohama. It is set to be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 16, 2020, with a western release coming sometime later in 2020.



Source: Gematsu


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