More Grandia HD Info to Appear at E3

GungHo Online Entertainment have come out and provided an update regarding the upcoming remastered versions of Grandia I and Grandia II. New information regarding the first and second entry in the series will be available at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The Switch version has been titled Granida HD Collection, while the PC version will be listed as Grandia HD Remaster with both releasing at the same time. GungHo Online Entertainment have stated that the games are releasing soon, but no date has been announced.


Ryan Radcliff

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  1. mooserocka mooserocka says:

    I honestly cannot wait. This is prob the best news i have heard in a while.

  2. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    Hope this drums up interest and leads to a proper Grandia 4 on day!

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