RPGCast – Episode 499: “Kung Fu Maids”

It’s the final countdown! Chris and Anna Marie are joined by regular Kelley and irregular Jonathan, who always brings interesting games and hardware to discuss. April Fool’s just passed, and several companies got silly. We also considered piles of feedback in the Question of the Week. We’ll miss you all, see you in six weeks.

Question of the Week
Your favorite podcast memories from Episodes 1-499! You can comment here or send an e-mail to podcast@rpgamer.com.

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  1. Victar Victar says:

    My favorite podcast memory is when you discussed Undertale with Alice. You kept it spoiler-free, and Alice’s advice, “Don’t read anything about it, just go into it blind” was very wise.

    Your podcast about Undertale is part of what persuaded me to play Undertale; after I finished Undertale, I ventured onto Twitch for the first time, since I wanted to see how other people experienced the game.

    I tune into Twitch daily now for entertainment while doing rote computer work, so the three things combined – your podcast, Undertale, and Twitch – all changed my life for the better.

  2. Budai Budai says:

    I can remember when I fell in love with podcasts. I drove 1200 miles round trip and listened to four or five episodes of your episodes along the way. I would finish one and then go in reverse order. Those podcast kept me company on those long drives, and they still do.

  3. Two seasons of the 2005 Doraemon TV series did actually air on Disney XD in the USA in 2014 and 2015. It doesn’t seem that anymore episodes were ever dubbed. You can find a lot of episodes of the dub on YouTube for anyone curious.

    I have been listening to the podcast since virtually the beginning ( I think I started with episode five, then went and listened the first four), and RPGcast was the ver first podcast I ever listened to.

    Anyway, the most recent moment I can think of is Kelley’s explanation of what games in the Kingdom Hearts series are actually important to play in order to understand the story. I found it informative, and amusing. It’s episode 495: “Kingdom Hearts Crisis Line” (Starts at about 21 minutes in)

    Another one is Kelley’s remark to a scene in Bravely Default when the camera is turned on to show the player’s face. I can’t for the life of me remember the exact episode, though!

    There were a few episodes where Michael Cunningham sent voicemails imitating Phil Willis, saying he was his evil twin Will Philis. A long look over the episode blurbs yielded nothing, and I ran out of time to listen to the ones I thought they would be. Sorry!

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