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  1. Budai Budai says:

    I was helping someone with ffx, and then something stupid came over me and I decided I was going to 100% the remastered version. These last two podcast are what is getting me through the monster capturing and grinding.

  2. Sakurangel Sakurangel says:

    Chain of memories was not only my first gba game to own, but also the first game to play from KH and is bad, but it was a special place in my HEART. But don’t help the fact to be slow, suffer from the card system that can be limited in places and even left you with one or two card again a final boss. KH2 like everyone said. Has the 6 first slow and horrible hours(like my grammar) ever. I agree with the lion king world to be one of the best in the game. But here and chain of memories is where you can see the horrible story structure with no sense and that go no where with so many facts and redcons. And that thing about EVERYTHING HAVE A HEART. yeah sure.
    Now about compile, and after reading Mike’s review
    Oh wow I can feel like dying inside. One’s again, where can I deposit my dineros to paid the medicine or alcohol you guys need to go through this painful path?. Great episode guys

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