Langrisser I & II Prepare for Battle with Tutorial Video

Masaya Games provided a trailer for the Langrisser I & II Remake coming out next month. The video, a tutorial designed to highlight the game’s main elements, shows brief vignettes from the series before displaying characters engaging in combat.

Langrisser I & II Remake adds new graphics and new artwork that players can toggle between for a classic or updated look when playing the strategy RPG. The games are set for release in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on April 18, 2019. There has been no news of a western release.



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  1. katatonius katatonius says:

    I have never played Langrisser, but startet Langrisser Mobile a few days ago… How much difference is between Langrisser I & II and the mobile version? (except that you need money to get the good heroes)

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