RPGCast – Episode 492: “Roving Bands Of Nursenaries”

It’s a cozy foursome on the RPGCast this week. Discussing the highs and lows of their now playing. But in the end, we are left wondering, what the heck is a “nursenary?”

Question of the Week
What old game would you love to see new DLC for?

5 Responses

  1. Budai Budai says:

    Does Witcher 3 count as old enough? I doubt I would ever not purchase anything Witcher at this point.

  2. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    Can we get a 2nd DLC for Fantasy Life? That first one was worth every penny with so much more content and a whole new level of each job for me to happily grind away to obtain. If not, a proper Fantasy Life 2 wouldn’t be a horrible compromise at all!

  3. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    Xenogears. I would love a DLC that finishes the game and turns the light novel of a second disc into an actual game.

  4. Victar Victar says:

    I would shell out $20 right now for the promise of a second DLC campaign for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, since I greatly enjoyed the Donky Kong DLC campaign.

    But if I love a game enough to pay for DLC, then I’d rather buy a true sequel. Also, it’s beyond frustrating when DLC becomes near-impossible to legally acquire in just a handful of years (see: Dragon Quest IX).

  5. I would totally want another Scramble DLC map for Fire Emblem: Awakening. The Scramble maps are goofy scenarios which have multiple conversations between characters that are like skits. The conversations would be between married characters and focus on their relationship and/or how they feel about their future/parallel universe children. Perhaps yet another map could focus on conversations between parents and children. The Future Past DLC sort of does that between children and their parents, but the kids are from yet another parallel universe and not the ones you recruit.

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