Digital Store Weekly Round-Up (February 7, 2019)

Welcome to RPGamer’s weekly digital store round-up. In this column we look to provide our readers with updates on recent releases and sales for RPGs across the digital marketplace.


New Releases

    • Away: Journey to the Unexpected (PS4, One, Switch)
    • Etrian Odyssey Nexus (3DS)
    • Evoland Legendary Edition (PS4, One, Switch)
    • God Eater 3 (PS4, PC)
    • Magic Scroll Tactics (Switch)
    • Salt and Sanctuary (One)
    • The Mage’s Tale (PSVR)
    • Warhammer Quest (Switch) (Europe)
    • Yo-kai Watch 3 (3DS) (North America)

There are plenty of new releases to start February. Etrian Odyssey Nexus and Yo-kai Watch 3 hit 3DS, God Eater 3 releases on PC and PS4, and Away: Journey to the Unexpected comes to consoles. Meanwhile, Evoland Legendary Edition comes to the latest generation of consoles, Salt and Sanctuary hits Xbox One, Magic Scroll Tactics comes to Switch, and Warhammer Quest also comes to Switch in Europe. Finally, The Mage’s Tale releases on PSVR.


Sales and Discounts

The current North American PlayStation Store deals include Assassin’s Creed Origins, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Deiland, NeuroVoider, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Meanwhile, the European store has a Big Games, Big Discounts sale that includes Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Borderlands 2 VR, Destiny 2, Diablo III, and Yakuza 6. There are also new Games Under €15/£13 and Games Under €5/£4 featuring Abo Khashem, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Darkest Dungeon, Desert Child, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Lords of the Fallen, Moonlighter, Necropolis, Valkyria Revolution, Wizard of Legend, Zenith, Citizens of Earth, and Mount & Blade: Warband.

The Xbox Store’s weekly sales include Divinity: Original Sin, Divinity: Original Sin 2, NeuroVoider, and The Council.

The current American Nintendo eShop deals include Antiquia Lost, Asdivine Hearts, Die for Valhalla, Elemental Knights R, Portal Knights, and Unexplored. Europe has deals on Switch titles Antiquia Lost, Asdivine Hearts, Code of Princess, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Diablo III, Die for Valhalla, and NeuroVoider, though the full list is still TBC.

Steam has a big Lunar New Year sale that includes far too many titles to list here.‘s newest deals include SpellForce, System Shock 2, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, The Long Journey Home, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and BattleTech. Meanwhile, The Humble Store has deals on Tom Clancy’s The Division, Mount & Blade, For the King, Nioh, and the Atelier series.


Alex Fuller

Alex joined RPGamer in 2011 as a Previewer before moving onto Reviews, News Director, and Managing Editor. Became Acting Editor-in-Chief in 2018.

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