The World Ends with You Gets Further Final Mix Details, Images

Square Enix has released plenty of details and new images for The World Ends with You: Final Remix, its upcoming enhanced Nintendo Switch release of DS title The World Ends with You. The information begins with a reminder of the flow of the game: characters are sent a mission on their phone along with a time-limit for completing it; they then run around Shibuya looking for clues to complete the mission, often reading the thoughts of people to do so; meanwhile, enemies called Noise will attack and try to prevent them completing the mission.



Combat in Final Remix uses various gestures such as taps and slashes, either on the touchscreen or by moving a cursor controlled by the Joy-Cons. Players control Neku and try and work with Neku’s partner to achieve a 100% sync rate that lets them use a special fusion attack that both heals Neku and damages enemies. There are three levels of fusion attack (higher levels requiring a higher sync rate), and they come with different card-based systems depending on Neku’s partner. For example, with Shiki players are required to memorise and then select the correct cards, while with Joshua players need to tap the cards in ascending numerical order. Succeeding in these will power up the fusion attack and increase the drop-rate of enemies.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix retains its pin-based equipment system. The game features over three hundred pins, which can be acquired in various ways. These pins provide Neku with various attack options, which all have different effects and ways of activating. New pins added to Final Remix include one that causes swords to fly out from Neku that are useful against Noise in the distance, and one that sees Neku dashing around the battle map damaging any Noise he runs into. The game also features a brand popularity system, where wearing pins and clothing from popular brands produces bonuses. Finally, Square Enix released character art and screenshots focusing on five more characters: Mr. H, Higashizawa, Minamimoto, Konishi, and Kitaniji.



The World End with You: Final Remix is set to be released for Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 27, 2018. The game is also planned for release in North America and Europe, though no date has been given outside of a 2018 window.



Source: Gematsu


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