RPGCast – Episode 466: “Hello Shirtless Angel”

Chris gets stared down by kangaroos while playing every game in existence. Anna Marie shows us her kangaskhan. Kelley does a blind taste test of demonic dungeon crawlers. And Josh leaves Japan and jets on down to Egypt.

Question of the Week?
Did you get anything in the Steam Sale, and how much have you spent total? How bad do you feel about this?

2 Responses

  1. severinmira severinmira says:

    For reference I’m playing The Lost Child on Normal. I’m basically auto-battling all of the regular battles except if I need to capture or do a bit of healing, which is probably letting me get through things quicker, but paying attention for the bosses because they require actual tactics.

    Did run into a slight bump just after the fourth obelisk but that was almost entirely because I EVILved all of my main team at the same time and didn’t have enough karma in reserve to bump them back up high-enough afterwards.

  2. flamethrower flamethrower says:

    I spent nothing, and no regrets. I have plenty to play, seriously.

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