Etrian Odyssey X Introduces More NPCs, New Enemies (Update: Class Trailer Released)

[Update — Atlus also released a new trailer for the game, viewable at the bottom of this article, which showcases the Paladin, Bushido, Medic, and Ranger classes]

Atlus has released more details for its upcoming dungeon-crawler Etrian Odyssey X. The new update, which comes with a new batch of screenshots and artwork, focuses on another selection of NPCs players will interact with, as well as showing some of the new enemies that appear in the game.

The first character is Floyd, he is a cheerful adventurer looking to explore the remote island of Lemuria like many others. Enrica and Artelinde meanwhile are part of a treasure hunting group of sailors, Enrica being the leader of the group with Artelinde in her employ. Artelinde is herself partnered with the wolf Kurogane Jr. The sailor clan has established its own port as a base of operations.



Etrian Odyssey X includes opponents from all the previous games in the series as well as an assortment of new ones. New regular enemies include the Carnivorous Koala, Aadwolf, Ball Tanuki, Flipper Slug, Spray Shunk, and Muscle Fry (note: all translated from Japanese). There are also new F.O.E.s including the Bloodthirsty Hatenko and Tyrannical Iron Cluster.

Etrian Odyssey X is the sixth mainline game and will be the final title in the series for Nintendo 3DS, and looks to implement various systems and utilise many different classes from throughout the series’ history. The game will be released in Japan on August 2, 2018, with no news regarding a localisation at this stage.





Source: Gematsu


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