Backloggin’ the Year, All Year Long

One of my favourite personal pieces I love to run here at RPGamer is “Backloggin’ the Year.” I usually set myself a goal to clear out some older titles from my backlog and then at the end of the year provide a mini-write up of my thoughts and if that game was worth my time. I thought, to spice things up, that this year at the end of every month I’ll share my progress and the experience of working through my backlogged games.

My classification for this project is anything 2017 and under is considered a title for this event. 2018 releases I play or review sadly will not count. My goal is to play some of those games I bought!

After I complete a backlogged game, I’ll post a poll on my personal Twitter (@merrygodown) and let you guys choose my next backlog title for me. Sadly, I chose my own January game in the form of Tales of Berseria, as my main pick, through trust me when I say I’ve been dabbling with titles from my 3DS and Vita. Believe me, though, this girl has games to work through.

Here’s a few titles of interest that I am hoping to knock out this year. We shall see if I get to them all.

  • Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (3DS)
  • Final Fantasy X (PS3)
  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
  • Galaxy of Pen and Paper (PC)
  • Okage: Shadow King (PS2)
  • Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 (PC)
  • Rogue Galaxy (PS2)
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Vita)

…and many more!

I hope many of you will join me in this adventure through the backlog. It’s going to be quite the journey, but I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of games I get through and if I’ll enjoy them or not. Let me know in the comments if you have games you want to tackle, and if you want to join me in this year long experience.

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