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Ryan joined RPGamer in 2018 as a News Writer. His love for RPGs is only matched by his love for sports, and chicken.
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Ryan Radcliff
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Hola amigos, let's learn a bit about myself shall we? My name is Ryan and I have been playing RPGs since I was a wee lad. I became enamored with RPGs in large part due to the influence of my ex-step-brother. We would have sleepovers and I would watch as he played Final Fantasy II or Shining Force all night long. I'd watch for hours, mesmerized as he explained and illuminated these games, prompting me to want to emulate him and play them as well. I begged my mom to get me the games he showed me, and I started playing them in hopes to earn his admiration, eventually I broke off and was playing games he had not played yet.

I owned most of the classic Super Nintendo RPGs and my little brother had the Sega Genesis. I convinced him to get the few RPGs I had heard of for the Genesis so I had an outlet to play them on. I jumped into a Nintendo 64, expecting the company to have another robust RPG lineup on their next system. I soon found that Ogre Battle 64 was the only real good RPG and quickly jumped ship to the PlayStation 1. One of my biggest regrets of my youth is selling my entire SNES library to buy the PS1 on my own. I had discovered Emulators recently, so why keep a physical copy when I could have my entire SNES library on my computer? Mistakes were made.

I found RPGamer during my college years. I enjoyed the constant flow of RPG content. Every time I browsed, there would be something new I could read up on or I might happen upon a new franchise that I might have otherwise ignored. I used RPGamer for all of my own personal charts and information. The page with all the RPG franchises, listed by series was one of my favorite places to learn about new titles. It always made me sad when one of the games that looked interesting never received a stateside release.

There was a moment in my life where I was a sports radio host on an AM station. Those were fun times. Alongside RPGs, I am also a huge sports nerd. When it comes down to it, I find the number crunching in RPGs and sports to be pretty similar. I love me some good stats. I hosted the show with two fellow fanatics for about a year. Though not the most professional system, it did lead to me being a sports journalist, which I found I enjoyed quite a bit. I found writing to be very comfortable, and ever since I wanted to expand on my skills.

Currently I am a full time employee for a big name company in the IT department. I have a loving fiance and four wonderful animals. The fact that I do not have kids really helps with my gaming habits. I even got my fiance to play RPGs with me, and to try some of the classics that I still have in my collection. Most of the non RPG titles in our throng of games comes from her. We just recently finished Nier because she just beat Automata and had no idea the first game even existed! Oh, the irony.

I am a very easy going person with a pretty positive outlook in life. I am very outgoing and tend to be charismatic enough to get along with any group of people I stumble upon. I can talk about RPGs for days, in real life or in a forum setting. I am excited to be able to contribute to this wonderful site and look forward to the challenges and experiences in my future. I feel a level up coming!

Fun fact: My forum tag, Scar, was coined by a friend who said there were too many Ryans in the group and we needed nicknames to differentiate ourselves. I was the only Cuban of the group, so henceforth I was called Scar. The name took and I've used it ever since.