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Wartales DLC Releasing Next Week

Wartales’s Pirates of Belerion offers an new nautical adventure for players. The DLC will launch on PC next week alongside a free update for the game.

Wartales Rides onto Xbox Today

Shiro Unlimited’s Wartales now available on Xbox. The open-world tactical RPG released earlier this year on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Wartales Fully Launching in April

Tactical RPG Wartales will be exiting Steam Early Access next month. The game puts players in charge of a mercenary company in its medieval open world.

Wartales Adds Co-op Mode

Shiro Unlimited released a new Early Access update for Wartales. The update adds a co-op mode to the tactical RPG.

Wartales Now Available in Early Access

PC RPGamers can now explore the medieval land of Edoran as Wartales enters Early Access. Lead a warband and make ends meet in this open-world RPG.