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Child of Light Vita Review

In the land of Lemuria light is under siege, attacked by one who calls Darkness her liege. Take a flying girl into the land and save it, for failure means no one else will brave it.

Child of Light Arrives on Switch

A number of titles have made their way to Switch this week. Ubisoft’s award-winning Child of Light is one of them, with its release on the Switch coming with a new trailer.

Child of Light Coming to Switch in October

Child of Light released for almost every platform going back in 2014. Now, Ubisoft is utilising the opportunity to remind players of the game by bringing it to the one console that didn’t exist back then, the Nintendo Switch.

Child of Light

Child of Light PS3 Review

Ubisoft Montreal has created a love letter to the JRPG. But did they pay the genre a strong homage? Find out in our review.