Super Robot Wars 30

An entry in the long-running mecha combat series commemorating its 30th anniversary.

Bandai Namco
B.B. Studio
Bandai Namco
B.B. Studio
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Super Robot Wars 30 Out Now

It’s a rare occasion, that of an official western release of a Super Robot Wars title. Super Robot Wars 30 is now available worldwide on Steam.

Super Robot Wars 30 Second DLC Revealed

A second DLC pack for Super Robot Wars 30 has been revealed. It will release in December and feature Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Ultraman, and Super Robot Wars OG.

Super Robot Wars 30 Mission Map Detailed

Bandai Namco provided some extra details on Super Robot Wars 30. The game will include an original airship, which players use to go on missions, both expected and hidden.

Super Robot Wars 30 to Release in October [Updated]

The latest game in the Super Robot Wars series is launching this October, including a worldwide PC release. The popular super robot strategy RPG series celebrates its 30th anniversary with a new title and plenty of mechs to excite its fans.

Super Robot Wars 30 Announced

Thirty years of giant robots battling all over the galaxy has led up to the announcement of Super Robot Wars 30. The game has a confirmed English localization in the works for later this year.