Alpha Protocol

Loyalty carries a price and no one knows this more than agent Michael Thorton. A talented young agent cast out by his government, Thorton is the only one with the information needed to stop an impending international catastrophe. To do so means he must cut himself off from the very people he is sworn to protect.

Obsidian Entertainment

Alpha Protocol PS3 Review

Michael Thorton might not have succeeded in his mission to break sales records, but at least he saved the world. If you’ve ever wanted to be a spy, you should check this out.

Alpha Protocol Xbox 360 Review

In the world of international espionage, knowing who to trust is absolutely crucial. For example, do you trust the slightly unbalanced conspiracy theorist to not shoot you with a machine gun as he passes by on a bullet train, or do you instead trust a humble game review from a reputable website like RPGamer?

Alpha Protocol PC Review

Lion and bull. Eagle and snake. To live or die, it’s the choice you’ve got to make. Can you undo what you create? Step through the wheel. Follow your fate.

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